Credentialing & Enrollment


Credentialing & Enrollment

Amromed credentialing program includes the selection and reservation of experienced, accomplished, and competent expert staff to encounter the health care needs of our members.
Credentialing is the process in which qualifications of licensed medical professionals are accepted and the background and legitimacy of these professionals are evaluated to provide patient care. Credentialing and enrollment both are necessary processes which need to be recognized and accepted by all practice who wish to see the patients and get paid.

Enrollment services in Amromed enable the practices to get registered for the services provided by them when payers have the data needed for process claiming. We monitor the payers and ensures that applications are received and processed on time.

As a medical billing company, Amromed’s credential programs are created after thorough research so that they accomplish the goals of the staff diligently.

Amromed credentialing project incorporates the choice and reservation of experienced, achieved, and skillful master staff to experience the social insurance needs of our individuals.

Credentialing is the procedure where capabilities of authorized therapeutic experts are acknowledged and the foundation and authenticity of these experts are assessed to give patient consideration. Credentialing and enlistment both are vital procedures which should be perceived and acknowledged by all training who wish to see the patients and get paid.

Enlistment benefits in Amromed empower the practices to get enrolled for the administrations given by them when payers have the information required for procedure guaranteeing. We screen the payers and guarantees that applications are gotten and handled on schedule.

What makes our credentialing enrollment best to choose?

We are not just another company offering provider enrollment services. Our credential enrollment allows for practices to sign up for the services they provide by making sure that the payers are up-to-date with the information required to process the claims for your services. We ensure that a constant monitoring is done on the payers to ensure that the applications are received and processed on time. We are continuously identifying and resolving the estimated issues before it makes a negative impact on your provider reimbursements.

our key features

Keeping your data updated with the payer

Reducing revenue leakage as much as possible

Mitigating denials and keeping up on the provider trends

Building relationships with various different payers

Offering real-time information od credentialing and enrollment transactions

Facilitating quick payments from the insurance and gain patient referrals

Avoid hectic paperwork and filling-up application forms