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Absolutely not — there are no upfront fees of any kind. We will get paid ONLY if you get paid.
We do offer both models tailored to each practice, please contact us for customized solutions
Yes you will need to set up a Clearing house and we prefer Office ally
The usual time is 15 days to setup any practices, we do offer faster service upon request
We offer our services to most specialties, Our large service volume lies in ABA and therapy Based practices please call us for more information.
The contract period is for one year, if you don’t like our services, you can cancel it at any time.
Yes. We will send electronically as long as the payer accepts it.
Yes. Our mission is to get paid the first time we send the claims.
Yes. Our technical team will be able to transfer data from most of the systems.
Absolutely Yes. All the information belongs to your practice will be transferrable.
Yes, the rates customized the services you opt

Yes, we do have a PMS that covers ( billing, scheduling, and payroll) all the above features. Reach out to us to know customizable rates for your practice.

Yes. Our Practice Management system is integrated with major EMR system
Absolutely Yes. We work with any EMR system in the industry.
Yes. We have procedures and policies in place to comply with HIPPA regulations.
Each practice is assigned with an account executive to answer any questions.
We send two statements to patients with same balance in the interval of 30 days.
Yes. We call patients if necessary to get the claims paid.
Yes. We provider our toll free numbers to patients

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