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Billing services

Each EOB is examined for right installment as well as advantages and credited suitably. At the point when fundamental, quick advances are taken to process and fix neglected or decreased cases to guarantee that you get each conceivable penny. Checks are sent straightforwardly to you.
We constantly track your net assortment rate (the genuine installment versus the contracted rate) to guarantee you are getting your reasonable part. Amromed Charging Administrations will further develop your net assortment rate and your typical assortment per charge, which means more cash in your pocket. We want to assist you with beginning or to assist you with working on your current practice. Keep in mind, on the off chance that you don’t get compensated, we don’t get compensated. It is to our common advantage to gather the full repayment for administrations delivered.
Every month we work on the records receivable maturing report. At the point when a case isn’t paid, we exploration and fix the issue and resubmit the case. We will decrease your records receivable days remarkable, and that implies less of your cash is restricted. We forcefully track, make due, and follow up quickly on all dissents

Credentialing & Enrollment

All your credentialing and enlistment requirements will be dealt with by our credentialing trained professionals. At the point when you employ new suppliers, you can definitely relax, we will deal with it.

Credentialing & Enrollment

Claims Submission / Rejections

Payment Posting - ERA and Manual

Insurance Underpayment Recovery

Correspondence and Denial Management

Account Receivable and Collections

Generating invoices for patient responsibility

Providing both general and specific reports as required by Client

We have nover 10 years of demonstrated results; our RCM administrations increment incomes and higher patient fulfillment results for our clients. We anticipate serving you and your patients with a similar degree of responsibility.

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