Software Solutions

CredNgo is expertly designed to help us serve healthcare providers and ensure that the drawbacks of credentialing never stand in the way of efficient workflow.

A total credentialing arrangement intended to reform everyday tasks

Innovative and industry-defining software solutions are at the heart of Amromed’s healthcare revenue cycle management strategy. Our RCM automation platform, Billerlog Suite, seamlessly coexists with clients’ existing infrastructure (EMR, PM, Clearing House, Payer, and other systems). This stage, alongside its arrangement of smart applications, enables offices and practices to have productive income cycle processes while decreasing functional expenses. Billerlog can be tailored to integrate with your system and help bring your RCM performance to the next level.

  1. Billerlog Core: Denials and AR management system, enabling easy claim status, dashboard analytics, and root cause analysis of denials and AR.
  2. Billerlog Smart: Platform to integrate 835 and 837 data into the denials and AR management process, enabling rapid claims analysis.
  3. Billerlog Abacus: A hosted, inexpensive, customizable contract payment calculator enabling calculation of expected payments per provider’s contracts and comparison to payments received.
  4. Billerlog Simplify: Customized claims scrubbing before sending claims to payers. This reduces rejections and denials and improves the clean claim rate.
  5. Billerlog Message: A tool for communicating “exceptions” in the revenue cycle, communicating to the right team member (front desk, credentialing, coding) for resolution and tracking completion.
  6. Billerlog Bots: Automate business processes/tasks, simple to complex in nature and structurally repetitive.
  7. Billerlog Secure: Workforce management tools that deliver the highest level of HIPAA compliance and data security while simplifying agent logs in.

At Amromed, we are specialists committed to working for you, and the product arrangements we configuration are an augmentation of that. Revenue cycle management is the key to lowering costs, increasing revenue performance, and ensuring administrative tasks never get in the way of quality care, and with The Billerlog Suite, every one of the advantages of our long stretches of involvement with RCM are robotized and readily available.