Software Solutions

Software Solutions

Software is an integral part of Amromed’s revenue cycle management solutions
software solutions

Software enabled services increase quality and boost productivity

Software is an integral part of Amromed revenue cycle management solutions. Our RCM automation platform, billerlog, seamlessly coexists with our client’s existing infrastructure (EMR, PM, Clearinghouse, Payer, and other systems). This platform along with its set of intelligent applications empowers facilities and practices to have efficient revenue cycle processes and reduce operational costs. This smart platform can be tailored to integrate with your system and help boost RCM performance to the next level. The 1stCred credentialing platform provides a highly automated, intuitive solution for payer enrollment and primary source verification needs. The cloud-based platform maximizes the potential and productivity of your credentialing team while helping ensure no steps are missed and providers stay fully credentialed and able to see patients.

Custom software projects for enhanced functionality

Amromed also provides time-limited, custom software projects to healthcare companies. These are typically six to eighteen-month projects that might require one to three software developers where the client is looking for lower cost, capable software development resources. By their nature, these projects are very different from one another. If standard solutions existed, we would not be assigned these complex projects. Examples of projects and included tasks:
  • Population health management application for accountable care organizations (ACO). This was a full stack development project using Angular JS, Node JS, SQL, and other technologies. Some of the main features include:
    • Care coordination
    • Predictive models for critical heart failure and other medical events
    • Prescriptive cost analytics at the patient and provider levels provide actionable information
    • Quality and gaps in care reporting
    • Claims-driven patient medical record
    • Include data from both Medicare and commercial payors
  • Order management system for a mobile diagnostic organization. Operating in multiple states, this company provides EKG and other cardiology diagnostic tests at the clinic, at home, and at other locations at the patient’s preference. We developed a complete Salesforce-based solution for the company to deliver these functions and more:
    • Track orders
    • Schedule tests per technician and equipment availability and geographic location
    • Track technician profiles including skills and certifications
    • Manage test equipment inventory and availability
    • Invoice (claim) generation per 837 standards, and other features.

How can we help you?

Basically each of our clients have their own favored clinical charging and coding programming, and we work in your frameworks. In any case, Amromed offers extra benefit and proficiency by utilizing its extra Billerlog Suite and CredNgo of programming devices that make a scaffold between our administrations and your product. This allows us to quickly get up to speed in providing support, interim coverage and analysis to improve your revenue cycle results.

Data, reporting, and interpretation

We offer our technical abilities, the capabilities of software tools, and our development expertise to our clients to provide custom solutions to match their needs, their challenges, and their existing technology. The first step to solving your problem is to ask for Amromed’s assistance – by completing the contact form, outlining your needs.