Denials & A/R Management

The dedicated team of Amromed billers, coders, and account managers work with our clients daily to bill clean claims and prevent denials.
denials & A/R Management

Dramatic reductions in denials and A/R above and beyond expectations

It is a guiding principle of Amromed to leave no stone unturned and no funds uncollected. There are two foundations to this guideline: lessen the quantity of dissents the board and forcefully work A/R adjusts every month. Through main driver examination and steady input to the front-end tasks, ERCM assists our clients with diminishing dissents and sell their A/R into gathered cash. Ponder how this could work on your speed of assortments and monetary outcomes.

Denials Management

Clean cases are a basic piece of the income cycle – our billers, coders, and record chiefs work with our clients day to day to charge clean cases and forestall disavowals. The disavowals rates for our laid out clients are just 2-4% – saving clients both time and cash.

AR Management

Amromed staff work 100 percent of extraordinary A/R guarantees every single month. Scarcely any medical care associations have adequate staff to get that going so our experts assist with filling that hole. No claim is left un-worked. If there is money to be collected, we collect it.

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It’s outright great business to overlook no cash. We believe you should get the assets you’ve acquired as fast as could be expected. Top off our structure underneath and we’ll be back with substantial arrangements demonstrated to build your incomes.