zero balance accounts

Amromed can increase cash flow and identify root causes to help our clients recover zero balance accounts and improve revenue integrity..
zero balance accounts

Our exclusive programming assists you with recuperating zero equilibrium accounts

Amromed thoroughly dissects zero offset claims with a definitive objective of expanding income and distinguishing main drivers to assist our clients with diminishing zero equilibrium accounts and further develop income respectability. The investigation centers around three key regions:

  • Payor contractual adjustment
    For the payor authoritative changes, our group will examine your payor agreements to decide whether there are any underpayments. Utilizing our Billerlog, we can determine if there are trends in underpayments and coordinate with health plans to maximize reimbursement.
  • Charge capture & coding
    Using our Billerlog Suite software, our team will isolate denials for charge capture, coding, and billing errors.  These claims will be reprocessed for payment.
  • Payor specific denials
    Our team of data analysts will identify groupings of denials by payor that have the greatest likelihood for payment. After these disavowals are recognized, our group will go back over claims for installment permitting your association to gather extra income.

As well as gathering on these cases, Amromed will give constant criticism to our clients on the underlying drivers for underpayments and lost income. This criticism is intended to keep future underpayments from happening.

Reasons to feel confident about Amromed

  • Superior Results: our automated tools identify collectible claims quicker and provide increased cash flow to our clients
  • Flexible Pricing: we adjust our scope and pricing for each customer
  • Scope: we offer the full extent of RCM administrations and the capacity to take on little and huge projects
  • Automation: we vigorously use programming and robotization, yet comprehend that many records can’t be settled without a human touch. We have the resources to make those personal touches
  • Feedback: our interchanges and revealing will distinguish main drivers for our clients to assist with guaranteeing the honesty of future cases
  • Superb Customer Service: we consistently hear how responsive we are to our clients and that’s a hallmark of our service.  We care about our clients’ objectives, and we focus on private consideration through our Record and Client Administrations Administrators